Water Damage Restoration 
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Water Removal

Removal of excess water with our latest tech & equipment


Antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment to remove bacteria and odor

Damage Assessment 

We will inspect & assess damages for a free repair estimate 


Drying and monitoring moister level of floors, walls and belongings.


Reparation of your flooring, drywall & carpets. 

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Water Damage Restoration
Manhattan FAQ's

What is the average cost of water damage restoration?

While costs rely and several different factors, it was found the average cost for water damage restoration within a home is ~ $5000

How long does water damage restoration take?

Depending on the size of the space, the initial removal and drying process can take up to 72 hours. Repairs can take multiple weeks. 

Are there different types of water damage?

​There is clean water damage, grey water damage and black water damage. The color depends on the cleanliness of the water causing the damage. 

Water Damage Restoration & Water Damage Repair